10 Tips for Managing Managers

February 23, 2011 at 1:45 pm 1 comment

How do you get the best from your managers? How can you help them achieve a great work experience while helping yourself achieve a superb business? Here are ten ideas to get you started.

  1. If you have managers, let them manage. Let them communicate with their staff members and make decisions within their scope of authority. Do not undercut them, especially in front of their staff members. Hold them accountable for outcomes. Don’t micro-manage; you’ll frustrate everyone, including yourself.
  2. Ensure that your managers understand their responsibilities and scope of authority. Have current, accurate job descriptions and ensure the descriptions of each position clearly cover required activities without gaps or conflicts.
  3. Involve your managers in the budget setting process. Engage them; get their feedback. When the budget is set, hold them responsible for budget compliance.
  4. Responsibility must match authority. Do not hold a manager responsible for something he or she cannot control. Likewise, do not give someone authority without responsibility. Too often, for example, someone may have purchasing or hiring authority, but someone else is responsible for the bottom line.
  5. Hire and promote managers with the skill set needed for the job. The best technician is not necessarily the best manager. Recognize soft skills and the individual’s capacity and interest in management.
  6. Fully support open and honest communication with your managers. Be available and listen sincerely. When something is a problem, you want to be the first to know. Don’t shoot the bearer of bad news; thank them.
  7. When you are unable to share confidential information, respond honestly to your managers and tell them you cannot share this information at this time. Don’t make insinuations or evade the question.
  8. Encourage your managers to grow. Give them opportunities to take on new challenges, and give them the support and mentorship they need to succeed.
  9. Promote genuine teamwork within your staff. Be alert for “empire builders” who can look like superstars, but can be hugely destructive to your business. Hold meaningful team building sessions, where real problems can be aired and addressed. Seek out the quieter team members; they might have just the solution you need.
  10. Sometimes, superb managers can work themselves out of a job. They may be able to organize and structure operations to run smoothly, with minimal intervention from them. Managers like these can be assigned new challenges, either in a line management or staff capacity.

Your managers can be your greatest resource, bringing new skills and capabilities to your company. Don’t waste their expertise!


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