Profit in 2011: A Quiz!

January 12, 2011 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

Happy New Year!  It’s time to look forward, gear up and get going –  a new year, a new start, and new opportunities. Is your business ready? Are you ready to take every advantage? A quick quiz:

1. Is my business focus:  a) Crystal clear, laser sharp  b)Needs bifocals  c)Like, foggy, man…  d)Huh?

2. My passion for my business is:  a) Hot, hot, hot    b)Wowie, zowie, Batman!  c)Yeah, right   d) Looking for love in all the wrong places….

3. The last time I took a fresh look at profitability options was: a) Right now and always  b) Within the last year, or two, maybe…  c) When Mr. Robinson suggested “plastics.”  d) Right before I went on that last stegosaurus hunt.

Profit is like a herd of cats  – blink and it’s gone.  And in today’s business world, lost profit is lost forever.  Successful business owners have a laser sharp focus, are passionate about their offering and are constantly exploring innovative ideas, new markets, new efficiencies and practical options  to strengthen the bottom line. There is no room for complacency.  It’s time to take inventory, prioritize and act.  Consider:

1. What is the singular focus of your business? How are you promoting this?

2. How passionate are you about your product? If you don’t care, customers won’t, either.

3. The world is in constant and rapid change. What’s your response?

4. What new markets and opportunities are right in front of you? How are you going to capture these?

5. What are you doing to get more of your top line income to your bottom line profit?

It’s time to get into gear, identify an opportunity and act. Stay focused on profitabilty; like a herd of cats, blink and it’s vanished forever.


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