Five Winning Tips to Get Customers Now!

February 21, 2010 at 10:27 pm Leave a comment

What does it take to get people to spend money with your business?  Whether you’re selling shoes or sandwiches, accounting or accupuncture, customers or  clients can be painfully scarce.  Yet some businesses are booming.  One of my favorite restaurants in the area recently closed after over 30 years in business; another favorite restaurant had a 45 minute wait on Friday night.  Here are a few observations on the winners, those businesses who are successful in getting customers now.

  • Winners give significant, visible value. The thriving restaurant gives abundant portions, with presentation,  service and ambience a cut above their competitors. People aren’t willing to spend hard earned money on anything less than excellence. Even if you’re selling hot dogs, make them the best hot dogs your customers have ever eaten, and make them affordable.
  • Winners change with the times, and the times are changing with lightning speed.  A marketing firm I know had their best year ever in 2009, and is on track for a great year in 2010.  They provide what people need, when they need it. In order to accomplish this,  they are constantly reinventing themselves, staying ahead of the curve.  Successful businesses have the solution ready and waiting even before the customer recognizes the need.
  • Winners think “Yes!”  and refuse to take “no” for an answer.  They believe they can deliver quality and value, and they do it.  They invent solutions when things look impossible.  They find a way to support their customers and clients. Successful businesses don’t give up on their customers, and their customers don’t give up on them.
  • Winners reach out and connect.  We live in uncertain times, and customers seek reassurance. No one has the money to waste on sub-standard service. Successful businesses nurture their networks; word-of-mouth recommendations are golden.
  • Winners think beyond the bottom line.  Winners do what is right and support the community, not because it “looks good,” but because they have a sincere commitment to  giving back and paying it forward.  Customers respect integrity and reward it with their patronage.

The new economy hasn’t changed the fundamentals of business, but it has raised the bar to Olympian levels.  Today success depends on the ability to deliver unprecedented quality and value.  Customers will settle for  nothing less, and successful businesses are those which will find a way to deliver even more.


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